The road to Perdition is paved with good intentions

Things ain’t so simple these days, Partner.

Not since the ‘quake of ‘68. If you ask me, somethin’ came undone that day. The gates of Perdition came flyin’ open and let loose a whole lot of nastiness. Life is hard in the west an’ folks’ faith is shaken. Sometimes it might seem like the good lord is testin’ us.

But how much faith can you have when monsters come crawlin’ in outta the plains? When the dead come slinkin’ outta the swamps and creeks? How much faith can you have when the devil himself is breathin’ down your neck.

Strange times indeed, partner. Outta the small town of Rock Creek comes ridin’ the most unlikely bunch of cowpokes you ever did see. They come a shootin’, fightin’, and blastin’ hell fire! A whats more, they come with some green Preacher in tow.

Now some might say they’re up to no good, what with all the trouble that seems to find ‘em. Others say they’re blessed, fightin’ back the end times one monster at a time, bringin’ a little faith back to the faithless.

What do I think, son? Well, I’m not sure as yet.

You see, things ain’t so simple these days…

El Sendero Del Diablo

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