El Sendero Del Diablo

Wherein the Posse set out on the Oregon Trail

There are many reasons a man would want to travel west, but few reasons they would choose to take their chances on the Oregon Trail. But still, they’ve come. The downtrodden and the outcasts each with their own reasons.

The Wilken’s Wagon Train of ’79 started off with a promise. Work hard and you earn some cash along the trail. Driving a hundred head of cattle and seven wagons could earn them their passage and then some. However, each wagon lost or each head of cattle lost docks their pay.

Along the way the Posse encountered their first taste of the Weird West and lost a few cattle the the disgusting threat of Prairie ticks. The Posse squashed the bugs and where on their way, but it was an ill state to a long journey…

In The End
Wherein the Posse comes to their magnanimous ending.

What followed was months of hard fought battles, loss, and redemption.

Their travels took them north into Deadwood, where Eli would attempt to exercise the evil trapped in the book in the heart of a ghost rock inferno that lie burning below the city. Along the way Til Becker was killed in an ambush by followers of the mad shaman Raven. The Posse pressed on and eventually made their way to the mining town. There they trekked into the black hills to complete their ritual. However the spirits inside proved to be too much and the posse were overcome. During the course of the exorcism Eli was struck down.

Feeling the loss of their guide on this journey the posse sallied forth. They wandered the plains for over a year before they received a missive. Prof. St. Clair had been invited to participate in the first World’s Faire and Science Exposition in Salt Lake City, sponsored by Hellstromme industries. Making their way to the City of Gloom the posse had many more strange encounters; the book seemed to be gaining power once again.

In Salt Lake the posse dealt with an apparent murder mystery, something or someone was killing off the entrants in the contest. In the end it was revealed to be a ploy by Hellstromme to gain access to the book and use it for his own nefarious schemes. The party narrowly escaped from Hellstromme’s grasp, but not before using his own research to located a place they believed they could exorcise the book and be rid of the evil once and for all.

Travelling south through the grand Canyon the posse moved as quickly as they could, Hellstromme’s agents pursuing them for weeks without rest. As they closed on their final location they were ambushed. The Reckoners threw their most deadly servitor, Stone, into the mix and it wasn’t long before he felled several of them. The remaining posse members fled into Indian Country and were able to make a deal with the tribes there to gain access to their magic and cross over into the hunting grounds.

There, reunited with their fallen friends, they finally faced down the evil trapped within the book. The souls of the vanquished posse members chose to remain there in the Hunting Grounds, fighting to keep any more abominations from finding their way into the world at large. Their job finished, the survivors rode off into the sunset, content that their trials and tribulations had not been in vain.

The Great Plains: Hell Hath No Fury...
Wherein the Posse dealt with some bad weather.

The next day the part was awoken to yelling. The caravans that where stationed at the fort where being rummaged through by Union soldiers with Capt. Peterson leading them. The Posse had previously learned that Col. Ulster was selling firearms to some of the Indian tribes to the North in exchange for peace. Now it seemed that the caravan that they had been guarding had been carrying a large shipment of Ghostrock. Peterson explained that after the attack and recent events he had “relieved Ulster of him command”.

With the Fort now under his command Capt. Peterson has the responsibility to investigate this shipment but needs time to fully restore order. To this end he asks the Posse to travel to Drycreek and investigate the Pennyworth Drilling Company, the intended destination for the Ghostrock.

It was a few days ride west into Colorado. When the posse arrived in Drycreek everything seemed normal. In fact, it seemed like town itself was doing rather well. The people where smiling and the market was bustling with activity… and giant vegetables. When asked about the jumbo produce that towns folk confessed that the Pennyworth Drilling Company was cause. After they had set up shop along the river south of town the weather suddenly changed. Everything was perfect for the local rancher; they had never seen boom crops like this before.

The Posse traveled south to the Pennyworth Drilling Company. Approaching the site they noticed a large metal tower with a giant buzzing diode atop of it. The tower was attached to a large warehouse with billowing smokestacks; the familiar howl of a Ghost-Rock Boiler could be heard. The tower itself was being worked on by men with strange tools. The person running the instillation was a young, civilized, looking lady named Madeline Fairweather.

Doctor Fairweather, a title she would insist upon, talked to Professor St. Claire for some time while the rest of the posse milled around. She revealed she had been conducting weather experimentations on the behest of Hellstromme Industries. She also revealed that she and Darius Hellstromme where “close”, although the Professor rightfully questioned her on this matter.

With this information the Posse headed back towards Drycreek, but Fairweather wasn’t going to have them ruining her experiments. As they rode north they heard a siren in the distance and where suddenly beset by terrible twisters and pounding hail. Taking cover as best they could the posse rode out the storm as best they could. Hours passed before, battered and bruised, they made their way back to Drycreek. The town had been less fortunate, the tornadoes had town many of the buildings to their foundations.

The posse raced back to Fort Summer to gather reinforcements. Traveling back the next day with the posse Capt. Peterson and his men attempted to gain control of the town, tending to the wounded and searching for more injured. The posse again traveled south, this time to dismantle the tower and prevent any more attacks.

When they arrived the workers where ready for them. The strange mechanics they had seen on their last visit where in fact members of Darius Hellstromme’s X-Squad, armed with weird science devices. The posse too cover under the tower itself and it began to power up, avoiding gouts of flame from the X-squad flamethrowers. The rail soldier weren’t the only thing they had to worry about, a lumbering automaton came at them from around the warehouse. It managed to crush poor Alvaro’s leg before it was finally brought down, exploding in a burst of ghosrock fueled fire.

The Posse managed to cut the power to the tower and drive the remaining worker out. They tower rendered in operational they returned to Drycreek to help as best they could. Even though the town was devastated they had ensured that nothing like that could happen again. With that small victory the posse returned to Fort Summer. The caravan secured, they continued their travels north.

The Great Plains: War Games
Wherein the Posse reunite with a fallen friend

The group traveled north, riding with the Caravan that has promised to get them through Indian territory and into Deadwood. The journey took them along a well known, if not often traveled, trail. Their last stop on their journey north was Fort Summer, a Union controlled fort in Northern Kansas within spitting distance on Indian territory. The caravan’s organizer, Archibald Worthington, explained that they would need to stay a few days here at the Fort to conduct some “business” before moving on.

All of this seemed sketchy, at best. The Fort was poorly maintained, ill equipped, and the men highly undisciplined. The commanding officer was Col. Ulster, a man with pompous attitude. He spirited Worthington away when the caravan arrived. His second in command, Capt. Peterson, saw to the Posse. Peterson seems like a good, if serious, man. He confessed to be constrained by Ulster’s leadership and his dealings with Worthington.

Meanwhile, back in Dodge, J.J. Matherson found himself six feet under. He drifted through the Earth towards to moonlit sky, a Harrowed Specter. He made his way back to Dodge and Madame Beauregard. He called in one last favor for saving her girl Sally: A horse to get him back on the trail. She obliged the dead man and that very night J.J. rode North, following the trail his friends had taken.

Back at the Fort, the posse where biding their time, waiting for Worthington’s “business” to be finished so they could be on their way. The night after they arrived, however, the found themselves under siege. The Black Regiment, a host of undead soldiers, assailed the fort set on killing all who dwelled within. The Posse made their way into the fort and defended it valiantly while Capt. Peterson attempted to rally his men. Working together they where able to push the Black Regiment back.

J.J. had rode for days without stopping, finally reaching the Fort to the surprise of everyone. No one was sure of what had happened to Matherson. Had he come back to help them, or was this another evil they had to tackle. The only one who was sure was Eli, seeing this as J.J.’s second chance.

Dodge City: Home of the Lost Souls
Wherein the Posse attend a wedding and avoid a funeral.

It wasn’t long after their little skirmish in the Hunting Grounds before the Posse finally made their way to Dodge City.

Dodge City’s “No Guns Allowed” policy more than a little disarming to most of the posse, but they epically handed over their irons to Wyatt Earp and “Bat” Masterson when they rode into town. Still, Dodge was no change of pace for the Posse because the weirdness just kept coming. Even as they made plans to travel North, arranging to ride along with a caravan heading to Deadwood, they found themselves drawn into investigating several missing persons, in particular, a young girl names “Susan” who worked out of the “House of the Irish Roses”. The Madame of the house seemed sincere in her concern for the young lady.

Of course, nothing is simple in the Weird West. Till Becker had been running for some time and the Shaw family finally caught up with him in Dodge. Not only did Shaw bring his daughter with him, but she brought Till’s daughter as well! The fact that he was a father complicated matters. It seemed a shotgun wedding was in order and Till had no choice but to agree.

J.J. had his own trouble in town, namely a forgotten debt to Doc Holiday. Throw in a run in with members of the Agency and, guns or no guns, Dodge was looking like an awfully dangerous place to be. Luck enough for they managed to make a friend: Texas Ranger Marcus Bluth.

Bluth helped the Posse find the girl, as well as the what was left of the other missing folk. A whole mess of Ghouls had carved out a colony under Boot Hill. The Posse dove in head first, managing the twisting tunnels and caves, before finally recovering the young lady. An ominous warning from the Ghouls forewarned of the trouble to come.

Blood, Battlefields, & Body Parts
Wherein the Posse finds a little hell to call their own.

The Posse were well on their way to Dodge and recovered from their ordeal in Eastman’s Creek when an unnatural fog settled in on the prairie. As they rode on they found the fog becoming thicker and the uneasy feelings in their bellies getting stronger. Thing became very strange when the posse came across the remains of the battlefield.

Knowing that scenes like these tended to get a bit weirder that they started out the Posse high tailed it out of there… only to find themselves back at the same grisly site.

They chose to press on, eventually coming across a figure in the fog. They watched as the figure more about the corpses, stooped and withered looking, calling out to no answer. Eventually the figure seemed to find what it was looking for and picked up a corpse. Strangeness turned to horror as they thing began to make the corpse a part of itself.

The posse leapt to action. They attacked the creature, who in turned it’s attention from it’s gather to make some fresh corpses. As they battle the thing, it began shouting at them with it’s different heads, calling them by name and foretelling their doom.

Eventually the thing went down and didn’t get back up. The posse once again tried to leave, but found that once again they returned to the same battlefield. It took some time, but they agreed that whatever had created the thing they just faced was keeping them here. Someone suggested that the dead be given their final respects. So the Posse went about gathering the bodies, both Union and Confederate, to be burned or buried at last.

After some time the posse made it out of their little corner of hell, the fog burned away in the morning sun, and found that Dodge was indeed on the horizon. They had survived their brief encounter with the other side, but stranger things were still to come.

Wherein the posse deal with a horror 'o the Weird West

Lynched! is a one-sheet adventure that can be found on the Pinnacle web site, along with various other downloads for Savage Worlds and Deadlands: Reloaded!


After dealing with the trouble in Amarillo (see Boom Town! and Boom Town! Part II – The Marshall) the posse headed up north. A few days out and one of the more understated dangers of travelling in the west came upon them. Turns out the trail rations they had gotten from the Confederates in Fort Elliot had gone sour. The entire posse was sick with food poisoning, but Matherson, Becker, and Rev. Walsh caught the worst of it. Luckily for the three of them the cow-town of Eastman’s Creek was only a few hours away.

Ghost Town?

Arriving in Eastman’s Creek the posse found the streets empty, but could see some folks scurrying to hide in their homes. Something was clearly wrong.

Making their way to the tavern it took a few shouts, and some attempted robbery on Alvaro’s part, to find the barkeep. He appeared from behind a locked door in the back, brandishing a shotgun and scared out of his wits. He was more than willing to serve the posse, and had rooms to let for their sickly friends to recover in, but warily watched the windows of his establishment, as if expecting something to happen.

A few drinks later and the barkeep told the posse what had been happening in Eastman’s creek and why folks were so scared. A few weeks prior a young couple had been murdered, but they were only the first. Soon after words two more homesteads has been broken into. Each time the towns folk found the poor folks strung up the next day in an old gnarled tree outside of town.

Sensing that something a bit weirder than normal was happening in Eastman’s Creek the posse volunteered to sniff out whatever trouble had come this way, knowing little of the horror that await them.

Searchin’ For Clues

The Posse headed up to the homestead of the first victims. It didn’t take much to see that whatever had broken into the home had the strength to smash open the door first. Grislier still were the scratches in the floor from the poor couple’s fingernails as they were dragged out. Any doubt that the posse were dealing with something out of the ordinary were quickly put to bed.

They went to the scene of the hanging and found little evidence there. However, when they made their way to the other homes something was amiss. The way the next two victims had been attack wasn’t quite the same; there wasn’t nearly as much force involved. They were back to square one. Taking note of the sinking sun and knowing that these people were grabbed at night the posse decided to bed down and wait.

Night Terrors

It was the middle of the night when they heard the screams of someone out on the plains. Rushing from the homestead they could see in the distance, dragging something behind them. As the posse came upon them they saw the people were none too alive, and that their necks had stretched back from hanging. Fighting back their fears the posse sprung to action and, after some brief magic slinging, managed to take out the dead men.

The man who they had been dragging had been the barkeep from the town. He explained how the creatures had come into the saloon, breaking in his windows and dragging him into the darkness. The posse sent him back to town, knowing that if the creatures had kept on they would have dragged him strait to the tree.


When they came back to the scene of the hangings the posse wasn’t sure what to expect. Alvaro noticed that the tree had moved since their last visit. Without warning the tree flung from it’s branches two nooses that grabbed the The Professor and Hao-Feng, hoisting them into the air. Alvaro began shooting wildly to sever the nooses while the Proffesor and Hao-Feng dangled from the tree. Eventually they managed to free themselves, but even as they attempted to fight the thing it battered them with it’s massive branches.

Even though outnumbered the thing managed to get it’s licks in before it collapsed, crashing into the ground. As the posse looked on hundred of red-eyed termites emerged from the tree and consumed it with unnatural speed.

Back in Town

When the posse arrived back in town it wasn’t to a celebratory cheer as they had hoped, but rather the frenzied activity of an exodus. The bartender had told the towns folk of the creatures. It wasn’t long before folks were packing up their things and getting out of town as fast as they could.

Boom Town! Part II
Wherein the Posse attempts a daring rescue

Meanwhile, Back In Town…

When Tonel arrived back in town it didn’t take him long to find The Professor and Becker. Assuming that his friends were going to be back from scouting they returned to Fort Elliot.

Boom Town!
Wherein the Posse joins the Great Rail War

Headin’ North.

After fleeing Rock Creek the Posse headed north towards Amarillo. There was a lot of ground to cover between them and Amarillo, so when they came upon a abandoned ranchers house late at night they took the opportunity to bed down with a roof over their head. Little did they known something strange was lurking in the empty home.

The creature sprung upon poor Jun Hao-Feng in the night. Tonel’s quickly identified the creature as the legendary Chupacabra. They were able to shoot the creature dead and help Jun. Matherson was able to discover that the creature might have, in fact, been the former owner of the home. A fact that didn’t sit with any of the posse.

Welcome to Amarillo

The party made it to Amarillo the next morning. As they rode into town they began to notice there was no one in the streets; the town seemed deserted. As they reached the middle of town a single shot rang out, taking Matherson’s hat off his head. The Posse quickly ran into the nearby Saloon, finding some townsfolk and Sheriff Jacob Cassidy hiding out there.

As bullets began flying outside Cassidy told the Posse that two Rail Gangs, Black River and Bayou Vermilion, were taking their fight to the streets of Amarillo. The town itself was looking to make quite a bit of cash from whoever won the fight and he was happy to sit out their daily gun fights, so long as no one in town was taking a bullet.

Matherson, seeing an opportunity, offered to “solve” the problem for the Sheriff. In the mean time the Posse rest and gather up supplies for the long trip north. Matherson, Tonel, Hao-Feng sought out the Black River gang. Prof. Phinneas St. Claire went off to local blacksmith to seek out work. Becker and Rev. Walsh gathered up supplies.

The Reverend obtained a hotel room for the posse and gave Becker the cash to buy supplies. Walsh, exhausted from the journey, collapsed into bed. There was a knock on the door not soon after he began to drift off to sleep, one which the Reverend groggily answered. Before he knew what was happening he was gagged, hog tied, and dragged off to parts unknown.


On their quest to track down the Black River rail gang the trio made their way to Fort Elliot. They found the Confederate soldiers there clearing away bodies from a recent Indian attack. They spoke with one of the officers, Lt. Crawford, who told the them of the Fort’s recent woes. Apparently the local apache tribe, who had always kept to their own people, had begun attacking the fort and the town. The Fort would have dealt with both Black River and Bayou Vermilion long ago if it hadn’t been for the constant Indian attacks.

While attempting to help the fort with sad task of the clean-up they came under attack once again. As they fled Matherson and Jun headed south to scout out the Bayou Vermilion camp while they sent Tonel back to Amarillo to gather the rest of the posse. The two made it to the camp just after sun down. Not the sneakiest varmints under the sun, Matherson and Jun found themselves captured. They attempted to escape but were quickly brought down…

Strange Arrivals
Being the first in a series of misfortunes.

The small trading town of Rock Creek was a quiet place. The Sheriff kept the peace well enough, but his deputy John Jacob Matherson did a;; the real heavy lifitng. Matherson had friends in town, Alvaro ‘Tonel’ Tadeo and Till Becker. Together than practically ran Rock Creek, for better or for worse.

The first bit of strangeness was when Prof. Phinneas St. Claire rolled into town. He quickly made himself an ally of the group as well as Jun Hao-Feng, the local cook. The Proffesor made an offer to pay the group handsomly if they were to help him discover and catalog any local Ghost Rock deposits.

These plans were dashed, however, when Rev. Eli Walsh came to town. The young preacher was badly wounded and trouble wasn’t far behind. A gang of bandits rolled into town demanding the Preacher and the Bible he was carrying. The gang was subdued, but their friends were on their way: a posse of the living dead!

The group was able to save the town from these undead horrors, but they knew that more wouldn’t be far behind. They took off that night, heading north towords Amarillo.


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