El Sendero Del Diablo

Blood, Battlefields, & Body Parts

Wherein the Posse finds a little hell to call their own.

The Posse were well on their way to Dodge and recovered from their ordeal in Eastman’s Creek when an unnatural fog settled in on the prairie. As they rode on they found the fog becoming thicker and the uneasy feelings in their bellies getting stronger. Thing became very strange when the posse came across the remains of the battlefield.

Knowing that scenes like these tended to get a bit weirder that they started out the Posse high tailed it out of there… only to find themselves back at the same grisly site.

They chose to press on, eventually coming across a figure in the fog. They watched as the figure more about the corpses, stooped and withered looking, calling out to no answer. Eventually the figure seemed to find what it was looking for and picked up a corpse. Strangeness turned to horror as they thing began to make the corpse a part of itself.

The posse leapt to action. They attacked the creature, who in turned it’s attention from it’s gather to make some fresh corpses. As they battle the thing, it began shouting at them with it’s different heads, calling them by name and foretelling their doom.

Eventually the thing went down and didn’t get back up. The posse once again tried to leave, but found that once again they returned to the same battlefield. It took some time, but they agreed that whatever had created the thing they just faced was keeping them here. Someone suggested that the dead be given their final respects. So the Posse went about gathering the bodies, both Union and Confederate, to be burned or buried at last.

After some time the posse made it out of their little corner of hell, the fog burned away in the morning sun, and found that Dodge was indeed on the horizon. They had survived their brief encounter with the other side, but stranger things were still to come.



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