El Sendero Del Diablo

Boom Town!

Wherein the Posse joins the Great Rail War

Headin’ North.

After fleeing Rock Creek the Posse headed north towards Amarillo. There was a lot of ground to cover between them and Amarillo, so when they came upon a abandoned ranchers house late at night they took the opportunity to bed down with a roof over their head. Little did they known something strange was lurking in the empty home.

The creature sprung upon poor Jun Hao-Feng in the night. Tonel’s quickly identified the creature as the legendary Chupacabra. They were able to shoot the creature dead and help Jun. Matherson was able to discover that the creature might have, in fact, been the former owner of the home. A fact that didn’t sit with any of the posse.

Welcome to Amarillo

The party made it to Amarillo the next morning. As they rode into town they began to notice there was no one in the streets; the town seemed deserted. As they reached the middle of town a single shot rang out, taking Matherson’s hat off his head. The Posse quickly ran into the nearby Saloon, finding some townsfolk and Sheriff Jacob Cassidy hiding out there.

As bullets began flying outside Cassidy told the Posse that two Rail Gangs, Black River and Bayou Vermilion, were taking their fight to the streets of Amarillo. The town itself was looking to make quite a bit of cash from whoever won the fight and he was happy to sit out their daily gun fights, so long as no one in town was taking a bullet.

Matherson, seeing an opportunity, offered to “solve” the problem for the Sheriff. In the mean time the Posse rest and gather up supplies for the long trip north. Matherson, Tonel, Hao-Feng sought out the Black River gang. Prof. Phinneas St. Claire went off to local blacksmith to seek out work. Becker and Rev. Walsh gathered up supplies.

The Reverend obtained a hotel room for the posse and gave Becker the cash to buy supplies. Walsh, exhausted from the journey, collapsed into bed. There was a knock on the door not soon after he began to drift off to sleep, one which the Reverend groggily answered. Before he knew what was happening he was gagged, hog tied, and dragged off to parts unknown.


On their quest to track down the Black River rail gang the trio made their way to Fort Elliot. They found the Confederate soldiers there clearing away bodies from a recent Indian attack. They spoke with one of the officers, Lt. Crawford, who told the them of the Fort’s recent woes. Apparently the local apache tribe, who had always kept to their own people, had begun attacking the fort and the town. The Fort would have dealt with both Black River and Bayou Vermilion long ago if it hadn’t been for the constant Indian attacks.

While attempting to help the fort with sad task of the clean-up they came under attack once again. As they fled Matherson and Jun headed south to scout out the Bayou Vermilion camp while they sent Tonel back to Amarillo to gather the rest of the posse. The two made it to the camp just after sun down. Not the sneakiest varmints under the sun, Matherson and Jun found themselves captured. They attempted to escape but were quickly brought down…



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