El Sendero Del Diablo

In The End

Wherein the Posse comes to their magnanimous ending.

What followed was months of hard fought battles, loss, and redemption.

Their travels took them north into Deadwood, where Eli would attempt to exercise the evil trapped in the book in the heart of a ghost rock inferno that lie burning below the city. Along the way Til Becker was killed in an ambush by followers of the mad shaman Raven. The Posse pressed on and eventually made their way to the mining town. There they trekked into the black hills to complete their ritual. However the spirits inside proved to be too much and the posse were overcome. During the course of the exorcism Eli was struck down.

Feeling the loss of their guide on this journey the posse sallied forth. They wandered the plains for over a year before they received a missive. Prof. St. Clair had been invited to participate in the first World’s Faire and Science Exposition in Salt Lake City, sponsored by Hellstromme industries. Making their way to the City of Gloom the posse had many more strange encounters; the book seemed to be gaining power once again.

In Salt Lake the posse dealt with an apparent murder mystery, something or someone was killing off the entrants in the contest. In the end it was revealed to be a ploy by Hellstromme to gain access to the book and use it for his own nefarious schemes. The party narrowly escaped from Hellstromme’s grasp, but not before using his own research to located a place they believed they could exorcise the book and be rid of the evil once and for all.

Travelling south through the grand Canyon the posse moved as quickly as they could, Hellstromme’s agents pursuing them for weeks without rest. As they closed on their final location they were ambushed. The Reckoners threw their most deadly servitor, Stone, into the mix and it wasn’t long before he felled several of them. The remaining posse members fled into Indian Country and were able to make a deal with the tribes there to gain access to their magic and cross over into the hunting grounds.

There, reunited with their fallen friends, they finally faced down the evil trapped within the book. The souls of the vanquished posse members chose to remain there in the Hunting Grounds, fighting to keep any more abominations from finding their way into the world at large. Their job finished, the survivors rode off into the sunset, content that their trials and tribulations had not been in vain.



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