El Sendero Del Diablo


Wherein the posse deal with a horror 'o the Weird West

Lynched! is a one-sheet adventure that can be found on the Pinnacle web site, along with various other downloads for Savage Worlds and Deadlands: Reloaded!


After dealing with the trouble in Amarillo (see Boom Town! and Boom Town! Part II – The Marshall) the posse headed up north. A few days out and one of the more understated dangers of travelling in the west came upon them. Turns out the trail rations they had gotten from the Confederates in Fort Elliot had gone sour. The entire posse was sick with food poisoning, but Matherson, Becker, and Rev. Walsh caught the worst of it. Luckily for the three of them the cow-town of Eastman’s Creek was only a few hours away.

Ghost Town?

Arriving in Eastman’s Creek the posse found the streets empty, but could see some folks scurrying to hide in their homes. Something was clearly wrong.

Making their way to the tavern it took a few shouts, and some attempted robbery on Alvaro’s part, to find the barkeep. He appeared from behind a locked door in the back, brandishing a shotgun and scared out of his wits. He was more than willing to serve the posse, and had rooms to let for their sickly friends to recover in, but warily watched the windows of his establishment, as if expecting something to happen.

A few drinks later and the barkeep told the posse what had been happening in Eastman’s creek and why folks were so scared. A few weeks prior a young couple had been murdered, but they were only the first. Soon after words two more homesteads has been broken into. Each time the towns folk found the poor folks strung up the next day in an old gnarled tree outside of town.

Sensing that something a bit weirder than normal was happening in Eastman’s Creek the posse volunteered to sniff out whatever trouble had come this way, knowing little of the horror that await them.

Searchin’ For Clues

The Posse headed up to the homestead of the first victims. It didn’t take much to see that whatever had broken into the home had the strength to smash open the door first. Grislier still were the scratches in the floor from the poor couple’s fingernails as they were dragged out. Any doubt that the posse were dealing with something out of the ordinary were quickly put to bed.

They went to the scene of the hanging and found little evidence there. However, when they made their way to the other homes something was amiss. The way the next two victims had been attack wasn’t quite the same; there wasn’t nearly as much force involved. They were back to square one. Taking note of the sinking sun and knowing that these people were grabbed at night the posse decided to bed down and wait.

Night Terrors

It was the middle of the night when they heard the screams of someone out on the plains. Rushing from the homestead they could see in the distance, dragging something behind them. As the posse came upon them they saw the people were none too alive, and that their necks had stretched back from hanging. Fighting back their fears the posse sprung to action and, after some brief magic slinging, managed to take out the dead men.

The man who they had been dragging had been the barkeep from the town. He explained how the creatures had come into the saloon, breaking in his windows and dragging him into the darkness. The posse sent him back to town, knowing that if the creatures had kept on they would have dragged him strait to the tree.


When they came back to the scene of the hangings the posse wasn’t sure what to expect. Alvaro noticed that the tree had moved since their last visit. Without warning the tree flung from it’s branches two nooses that grabbed the The Professor and Hao-Feng, hoisting them into the air. Alvaro began shooting wildly to sever the nooses while the Proffesor and Hao-Feng dangled from the tree. Eventually they managed to free themselves, but even as they attempted to fight the thing it battered them with it’s massive branches.

Even though outnumbered the thing managed to get it’s licks in before it collapsed, crashing into the ground. As the posse looked on hundred of red-eyed termites emerged from the tree and consumed it with unnatural speed.

Back in Town

When the posse arrived back in town it wasn’t to a celebratory cheer as they had hoped, but rather the frenzied activity of an exodus. The bartender had told the towns folk of the creatures. It wasn’t long before folks were packing up their things and getting out of town as fast as they could.



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