El Sendero Del Diablo

Dodge City: Home of the Lost Souls

Wherein the Posse attend a wedding and avoid a funeral.

It wasn’t long after their little skirmish in the Hunting Grounds before the Posse finally made their way to Dodge City.

Dodge City’s “No Guns Allowed” policy more than a little disarming to most of the posse, but they epically handed over their irons to Wyatt Earp and “Bat” Masterson when they rode into town. Still, Dodge was no change of pace for the Posse because the weirdness just kept coming. Even as they made plans to travel North, arranging to ride along with a caravan heading to Deadwood, they found themselves drawn into investigating several missing persons, in particular, a young girl names “Susan” who worked out of the “House of the Irish Roses”. The Madame of the house seemed sincere in her concern for the young lady.

Of course, nothing is simple in the Weird West. Till Becker had been running for some time and the Shaw family finally caught up with him in Dodge. Not only did Shaw bring his daughter with him, but she brought Till’s daughter as well! The fact that he was a father complicated matters. It seemed a shotgun wedding was in order and Till had no choice but to agree.

J.J. had his own trouble in town, namely a forgotten debt to Doc Holiday. Throw in a run in with members of the Agency and, guns or no guns, Dodge was looking like an awfully dangerous place to be. Luck enough for they managed to make a friend: Texas Ranger Marcus Bluth.

Bluth helped the Posse find the girl, as well as the what was left of the other missing folk. A whole mess of Ghouls had carved out a colony under Boot Hill. The Posse dove in head first, managing the twisting tunnels and caves, before finally recovering the young lady. An ominous warning from the Ghouls forewarned of the trouble to come.



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