El Sendero Del Diablo

Strange Arrivals

Being the first in a series of misfortunes.

The small trading town of Rock Creek was a quiet place. The Sheriff kept the peace well enough, but his deputy John Jacob Matherson did a;; the real heavy lifitng. Matherson had friends in town, Alvaro ‘Tonel’ Tadeo and Till Becker. Together than practically ran Rock Creek, for better or for worse.

The first bit of strangeness was when Prof. Phinneas St. Claire rolled into town. He quickly made himself an ally of the group as well as Jun Hao-Feng, the local cook. The Proffesor made an offer to pay the group handsomly if they were to help him discover and catalog any local Ghost Rock deposits.

These plans were dashed, however, when Rev. Eli Walsh came to town. The young preacher was badly wounded and trouble wasn’t far behind. A gang of bandits rolled into town demanding the Preacher and the Bible he was carrying. The gang was subdued, but their friends were on their way: a posse of the living dead!

The group was able to save the town from these undead horrors, but they knew that more wouldn’t be far behind. They took off that night, heading north towords Amarillo.



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