El Sendero Del Diablo

The Great Plains: Hell Hath No Fury...

Wherein the Posse dealt with some bad weather.

The next day the part was awoken to yelling. The caravans that where stationed at the fort where being rummaged through by Union soldiers with Capt. Peterson leading them. The Posse had previously learned that Col. Ulster was selling firearms to some of the Indian tribes to the North in exchange for peace. Now it seemed that the caravan that they had been guarding had been carrying a large shipment of Ghostrock. Peterson explained that after the attack and recent events he had “relieved Ulster of him command”.

With the Fort now under his command Capt. Peterson has the responsibility to investigate this shipment but needs time to fully restore order. To this end he asks the Posse to travel to Drycreek and investigate the Pennyworth Drilling Company, the intended destination for the Ghostrock.

It was a few days ride west into Colorado. When the posse arrived in Drycreek everything seemed normal. In fact, it seemed like town itself was doing rather well. The people where smiling and the market was bustling with activity… and giant vegetables. When asked about the jumbo produce that towns folk confessed that the Pennyworth Drilling Company was cause. After they had set up shop along the river south of town the weather suddenly changed. Everything was perfect for the local rancher; they had never seen boom crops like this before.

The Posse traveled south to the Pennyworth Drilling Company. Approaching the site they noticed a large metal tower with a giant buzzing diode atop of it. The tower was attached to a large warehouse with billowing smokestacks; the familiar howl of a Ghost-Rock Boiler could be heard. The tower itself was being worked on by men with strange tools. The person running the instillation was a young, civilized, looking lady named Madeline Fairweather.

Doctor Fairweather, a title she would insist upon, talked to Professor St. Claire for some time while the rest of the posse milled around. She revealed she had been conducting weather experimentations on the behest of Hellstromme Industries. She also revealed that she and Darius Hellstromme where “close”, although the Professor rightfully questioned her on this matter.

With this information the Posse headed back towards Drycreek, but Fairweather wasn’t going to have them ruining her experiments. As they rode north they heard a siren in the distance and where suddenly beset by terrible twisters and pounding hail. Taking cover as best they could the posse rode out the storm as best they could. Hours passed before, battered and bruised, they made their way back to Drycreek. The town had been less fortunate, the tornadoes had town many of the buildings to their foundations.

The posse raced back to Fort Summer to gather reinforcements. Traveling back the next day with the posse Capt. Peterson and his men attempted to gain control of the town, tending to the wounded and searching for more injured. The posse again traveled south, this time to dismantle the tower and prevent any more attacks.

When they arrived the workers where ready for them. The strange mechanics they had seen on their last visit where in fact members of Darius Hellstromme’s X-Squad, armed with weird science devices. The posse too cover under the tower itself and it began to power up, avoiding gouts of flame from the X-squad flamethrowers. The rail soldier weren’t the only thing they had to worry about, a lumbering automaton came at them from around the warehouse. It managed to crush poor Alvaro’s leg before it was finally brought down, exploding in a burst of ghosrock fueled fire.

The Posse managed to cut the power to the tower and drive the remaining worker out. They tower rendered in operational they returned to Drycreek to help as best they could. Even though the town was devastated they had ensured that nothing like that could happen again. With that small victory the posse returned to Fort Summer. The caravan secured, they continued their travels north.



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