El Sendero Del Diablo

The Great Plains: War Games

Wherein the Posse reunite with a fallen friend

The group traveled north, riding with the Caravan that has promised to get them through Indian territory and into Deadwood. The journey took them along a well known, if not often traveled, trail. Their last stop on their journey north was Fort Summer, a Union controlled fort in Northern Kansas within spitting distance on Indian territory. The caravan’s organizer, Archibald Worthington, explained that they would need to stay a few days here at the Fort to conduct some “business” before moving on.

All of this seemed sketchy, at best. The Fort was poorly maintained, ill equipped, and the men highly undisciplined. The commanding officer was Col. Ulster, a man with pompous attitude. He spirited Worthington away when the caravan arrived. His second in command, Capt. Peterson, saw to the Posse. Peterson seems like a good, if serious, man. He confessed to be constrained by Ulster’s leadership and his dealings with Worthington.

Meanwhile, back in Dodge, J.J. Matherson found himself six feet under. He drifted through the Earth towards to moonlit sky, a Harrowed Specter. He made his way back to Dodge and Madame Beauregard. He called in one last favor for saving her girl Sally: A horse to get him back on the trail. She obliged the dead man and that very night J.J. rode North, following the trail his friends had taken.

Back at the Fort, the posse where biding their time, waiting for Worthington’s “business” to be finished so they could be on their way. The night after they arrived, however, the found themselves under siege. The Black Regiment, a host of undead soldiers, assailed the fort set on killing all who dwelled within. The Posse made their way into the fort and defended it valiantly while Capt. Peterson attempted to rally his men. Working together they where able to push the Black Regiment back.

J.J. had rode for days without stopping, finally reaching the Fort to the surprise of everyone. No one was sure of what had happened to Matherson. Had he come back to help them, or was this another evil they had to tackle. The only one who was sure was Eli, seeing this as J.J.’s second chance.



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