Doc Holliday


A tall and thin man who appears quite sickly at times. Doc Holliday is just as likely to be encountered in his prime, a grinning and charming grifter, as he is to found in a drunken stupor, easy to anger and easier to draw his two Colt Peacemakers.


Born in Georgia in 1851, John Henry Holliday’s road to immortality as the quickest gun in the west was a long and strange one. It all began shorty after John had graduated from dental school in ‘73 that he began to make his way west. However, pulling teeth wasn’t the only thing “Doc” had picked up in Philadelphia. Along the way he had come across a copy of Hoyle’s Book of Games all his own.

He made the trip west first to Texas, thinking the dry air would help his consumption. The next few years Doc wandered the West, heading as far North as Deadwood and as far East as Denver, before heading back down south. It was back in Texas that Holliday met the man who would come to shape the rest of his life: Wyatt Earp.

Earp and Holliday became fast friends after some strangeness in Texas before heading North together to Dodge to make money gambling. While Earp has gone on to become more than a card shark taking money from Cowboys Holliday seems to enjoy nothing better. He still operated a small practice located off his quaters above the Alamo Salloon but most of these day’s he’s found downstairs, drinking and gambling his days away.

Doc Holliday

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