John Jacob Matherson

Doctor and Gunslinger -> Tall Lanky chap, grizzled to the ways of the wierd west


Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d6,

Skills: Fighting d4; Gambling d4; Healing d6; Knowledge (Medicine) d6; Knowledge (Occult) d6; Guts d6; Notice d6; Riding d4; Shooting d10; Stealth d4; Streetwise d4

Hinderances: Arrogant; Delutional; Quirk; Bad Luck

Edges: Veteran of the Wierd West, Marksmen, Favored Weapon (Winchester ‘76 “Lucky”)


John Jacob Matherson was born under an unlucky sign if you believe in that sort of thing. He never thought he would be a wealth seeker or a gunfighter when he was growing up. After completing some basic medical training, JJ (as he was known to his friends, well the ones that lived), found himself penniless and unable to get a good job in his field. Only things he had were the clothes on his back, and the dreams of success. As the west was expanding JJ decided that if people could strike it rich digging up gold and ghost rock, that they just may need a green doctor out there. Now the problem was how to get there…..this is where the un-lucky part comes in. One day he sees a gentleman a Mr. Smith looking a little down on his luck (and health as it was). JJ says “Mr. I reckon you could use a doctor, and I sir just happen to be one.” Mr. Smith replies, “Doctor, I would love to see a doctor, but I just don’t have any money for medicine, all I got is this train ticket to Texas”. For the first time in his life, John feels like its going to be ok. “Sir, I just happen to be looking for a way out west, and you sir could use the best physician this side of the Mississippi. Seeing how you shouldn’t travel in your condition, how about we trade?” Mr. Smith reluctantly agreed. After providing Mr. Smith with a small amount of laxative JJ packed his things and readied himself for the greatest ride of his life.

Unfortunately for JJ, during the train ride, about 2 hours out of Texas a group of banditos rob the train. The bandits clash with some army types and right in front of him a dead man dropped a rifle, JJ picked it up and began to shoot wildly at the bandits. Seconds later, they all lay dead and he the hero. He would name that rifle “Lucky”. JJ and Lucky arrive, and sneak away before too many questions could be asked.

JJ spent a couple of months as a traveling doctor, being hired by traders and travelers to make sure the ill get better, and the healthy stay that way. Getting free protection and travel while getting paid, JJ was in heaven. One of his patrons was a Jeremiah Throughbrush. During a 2 week journey from Texas to California, JJ and Jeremiah became friends. Jeremiah asked JJ to join him as a bounty hunter, good way to make money, and he had a trustworthy posse ready to ride. JJ getting good with a gun (at this point) and still a practicing doctor would be the finally on a posse of 6 good men. JJ could not refuse, it seemed like a quick way to make some money, have some fun, and have a good amount of freedom. The next few years seemed like a haze to JJ as the posse traveled all across the west, hunting more and more dangerous desperados. Morality became grey to him from when he started as he began to embrace the ways of the west. The group had a decently good reputation, and was known in law enforcement circles, and was rumored from time to time to hunt some people for a fee, but not always for a bounty.

All was good for JJ, untill about 6 months ago. Unfortunatly, karma caught up with good ‘ole JJ, and the groups greed got the best of them. They were commitioned by a “Mr. Smith” to hunt a group of wild men. The fee was $5,000! They couldnt turn it down. The wild men were seen living in a small community preforming odd acts and hunting pastuers. The plan was laid, attack the men in the act of attacking a field at night. Unfortunatly for JJ and his friends, it was a full moon.

As the band sprung their trap they realized that they were not hunting men, but something more; more bestial, not quite an animal, not quite human, but something terrible. The group had run across some of the Weird West’s beasts and monsters, harrowed and the like, but nothing like this. Unfortunately for JJ, werewolves were not just rumors. Not more than seconds after the first shots were fired JJ noticed that his friends were being mangled, and not a single beast went down, not even hurt! JJ did the only sensible thing he could, he ran. He ran to his horse and rode, and rode, and rode, and rode. He rode well into the next morning, he rode until he passed out. He woke up in an inn the next day. Sherriff came over to see him, and JJ explained the whole story. The Sherriff seemed like if he was hearing it from a man with a few drinks in him he would pass it off as hear-say. JJ was dead serious; all of his friends were dead, and all of his earnings with them. JJ recovered for the next few days, when he was finally able to stand again he took his firsts steps outside and looked up. The sun was beating hotter than ever, he must be in hell. No money, no posse, dreams shattered stuck in some backwater town with nowhere to go.

The Sherriff however came up with a solution, as the town needed some help. Turn out they needed a Deputy, and a Doctor. Turns out JJ could be both. He accepted the position and began to work. Over the next couple months JJ couldn’t get help but wonder about this “Mr. Smith” and if he knew what he was sending them into…....JJ came up with a new goal in life…..find Mr. Smith

Now all he needed was a new posse….....

John Jacob Matherson

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