Alvaro 'Tonel' Tadeo

A large, boisterous, dark skinned, dark haired Mexican with a mouth almost as big as his belly and a head filled with just as many rocks as the Great Maze.


Name: Alvaro ‘Tonel’ Tadeo

Rank: Legendary!

XP: 81


  • Agility: d8
  • Smarts: d4
  • Spirit: d8
  • Strength: d10
  • Vigor: d12


  • Fighting: d12
  • Shooting: d8
  • Riding: d8
  • Intimidate: d8
  • Guts: d8
  • Streetwise: d4
  • Knowledge(English): d4

Derived Stats:

  • Pace: 5 (d4 Run)
  • Parry: 8
  • Toughness: 9
  • Grit: 5
  • Charisma: -1

Edges: Nerves of Steel, Improved Nerves of Steel, Sweep, Improved Sweep, Common Bond, Combat Reflexes, Fate’s Favored, First Strike, Improved First Strike.

Hindrances: Obese, Big Mouth, Clueless, Lame(Injury-Healed via Greater Healing), One White Eye(-1 CHR)

Notable Possesions: Flame Thrower w/two tanks of propellant, Desert Rattler leather poncho, Steam Powered sombrero, Conquistador Sabre(d6 Dmg), Comanche Bladed Warclub(d8 Dmg, AP2, -1 Parry).


Alvaro had always been the pride and joy of his mother. She gave him everything and anything he asked for. He practically ate his family out of house and home during his teenage years. Alvaro grew and grew and before long he out weighed both his parents. The only son of a mexican soldier and a midwife, Alvaro grew up with something most Mexicans didn’t have, a small family. Both his parents longed for their son to be better than them and they sent him out into the world with everything they could give him. Alvaro appreciated all his parents had given him but they had let their son coast through life on his physical stature. They had never given him any formal teaching and he still believed that most people were honest folk. Alvaro had picked up English well enough living a short distance from the Texan border.

It wasn’t long before Alvaro wanted to see what else was outside of his small home town and he grabbed up his things and set out. He was just a boy when he made his way across the border and into Texas to find his own riches. This was the first hard lesson in young Alvaro’s life, it was less than a month later that his horse and most of his possessions were gone. Nearly his whole life savings had been swindled out from under him. It seemed that gambling wasn’t this Mexicans strong suit. Alvaro quickly learned that surviving on his own was hard work but being 6’3" and 300 plus pounds led to certain job opportunities. He began working for a local madame as her hired muscle and debt collector. He has tried hard to stay within the letter of the law but in his field it didn’t always turn out so perfectly. That trusting young boy slowly made his way in a head-cracking man with a penchant for fighting, shooting and drinking. It isn’t to say he was any smarter about things, just less gullible and more jaded about the tough place that is the wild west.

One of Alvaro’s most interesting fights was with a group of Injuns who decided it’d be fun to raid the local town of all it’s firewater including the bar where Alvaro was doing some menial work. Well that type of behavior just didn’t sit right with the big mexican and the sounds of a fight could be heard from the back room. Alvaro stormed in and needless to say several crashes and smashes later he came stumbling out with a Bladed Warclub in his hand covered in blood, some of his own, but mostly of those Indian bandits. He had been stabbed, shot and practically beaten to death but was still on his feet. Few people from that day messed with Alvaro and his other jobs became a hell of a lot easier around town. He kept that club as a reminder to himself and others that he was not to be trifled with.

Alvaro is a big, dumb lovable brute with a loyal streak to those whom make his living possible. He appreciates anything he is given and respects those until they give him a reason not too. He tries hard not to start fights but he ends them quickly and violently. One would be more likely to find him breaking up a bar brawl than to find him in a showdown at high noon. He isn’t classy and he has little to no flair but he sure can take a bunch of damage and keep on coming. His nickname is ‘Tonel’ which in spanish means Barrel. Most just call him Al or Ton, he is quite used to both. He is always on the look out for new jobs and new sights. His parents sent him out into the world to do something special and damn his eternal soul if he can’t find out what it is before he goes down.

Alvaro 'Tonel' Tadeo

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