Rev. Eli Walsh

Young and healthy, with a calm demenor.



  • Agility: D6
  • Smarts: D6
  • Spirit: D8
  • Strength: D6
  • Vigor: D6
  • Pace 6
  • Parry 4
  • Toughness 5
  • Grit 1
  • Charisma 0


  • Faith D10
  • Fighting D4
  • Investigation D6
  • Riding D6
  • Shooting D4
  • Stealth D6


Wanted (Major)


Colt Peacemaker


Eli Walsh was born in Savannah, Georgia. The adopted son of a well to do buisness man, Eli never truely felt at home. His childhood was without much warmth, he knew he would only everbe the son his father could never give his mother. When a young Eli expressed interest in joining the church his father quickly agreed. It was a happy departure for both of them when he headed west as a missionary.

After some time travelling with the wagon trains Eli reach St. Louis. There he learned of a small town in need of a preacher. He set for the town, Millerstown , the very next morning. He found the town was indeed in sore need of guidance. At first the populace resisted this new Preacher and his lessons of sobriaty, but Eli’s wit and kindness soon won them over.

However, that peaceful little piece of country wasn’t destined to stay that way. Late one cold winter day a strange wagon train pulled into town. The people driving the wild looking horses were strange. They clung to their caravan, asking only to stay on the edge of town. The townsfolk were ready to run them out of town when Eli spoke out on their behalf. The towns folk agreed.

Rev. Eli Walsh

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