Jun Hao-Feng

A worn brown stetson hat shields the eyes of a man from across the Pacific. The red tassle on the chinese broad sword strapped to his back bounces with each step as he reads from a book with no title.

  • Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
  • Derived Stats: Pace 6, Parry 6, Toughness 4, Grit 1, Charisma 1
  • Skills: Fighting d8, Guts d8, Stealth d6, Notice d4,Riding d4, Knowledge(English) d4, Sieze the Pearl of Death d8, Stones fly from the hand d8

Hinderances: Outside (Minor) 1, Code of Honor (Major) 2, Loyal (Minor) 1 Edges: Martial Arts, Arcane Background (Chi Mastery) Power Points: 20

Gear: Horse, Saddle, Saddle Bag (Set of Clothes, 3 x Rations, Latern, 1 Gallon of Fuel) Satchel,Worn,(Blank Book, Ink Pen, Jars of Ink x 3, Candles x 5, Matches x 100) , Stetson Hat, Swordcane(Rapier), Chinese Broad Sword (Saber)


“Compassion, Moderation, and Humilty”

These are the way of Daoism and the path that Jun Hao-Feng follows. Jun’s life was one of misery and despair.Yet, he calls it a blessing in disguise. He is a man of peace but will use the deadly skills of mystical Kung-Fu to end the wickedness of wrong-doers.

Jun was born in Shan Fan, California. His mother was an american seamstress and his father a Chinese carpenter. At the age of 3 Jun’s father was murdered. His mother and him were kidnapped and brought to China. By the age of 5 Jun was working in the coal mines and his mother in the brothels. Anger became Jun’s constant companion at the age of 10. That same year a man came to the town of Jun Hao and announced that it was not following “The Way”. He immediately called for the brothels to be closed and food given to the hungry. He made this demand for three days, and sat with out food or shelter in the center of the town. On the third day the righteous might of Qi Feng brought low the evil doers of the town. In a battle lasting over 10 hours, the grand master of Kung-Fun of the Temple of the Heavens fought over 50 men who would not change their ways.

Needless to say, this kind of strength is what Jun desired. However, Qi would not even speak to him as the Sifu (Kung-Fu Master) left the town. That did not stop Jun. With knowledge that his mother was now safe he followed the master. In time the child became a man, and watching Qi he began to learn Kung Fu. For 3 years the master did not talk to the student. In this time Jun learned patience and perserverance. At 13, officially Qi began to teach him the philosophy of Daoism. Still Kung Fu was only learned through observing. At 16, Jun had finally given up. He knew many of the basics, but could not fly through the trees like Qi nor could he dodge bullets. He respectfully bowed one day, “Master Qi, I am not strong enough to be a master of Kung Fu. I will happilly become a philosopher. Thank you for teaching me that.” In response Qi smiled flicked his long white beard to the side and said, “Aha! You are now ready.”

Jun Hao-Feng slowly began to master the art of Kung-Fu. In 1876 Jun began to understand the mystical ways of Kung-Fu. His master was very impressed. However, Jun plateaued. He did not improve for the next two years. Disheartened Jun was again going to return to being a philosopher. This day his master said, “Jun you have not put your skills to the test with me by your side. In the America’s there is great darkness and they need Daoism. There you will find mastery of Kung Fu.” Jun would not go.

“Master Qi, I do not care about that land anymore. I will go off on my own here.”

“What you want to do is the easy path. Your mind will always find that for you. In a dream I saw a man with a scar on his right eye. He still kidnapps and sends slaves here. I saw a desert in the south. You will go to Texas and should you find this man it is your duty to end his tyranny.”

Jun thought for 3 days and finally said, “Master Qi, this is why you are the master. I see now the weakness I let foster inside. I will right wrongs and do as you wish. Thank you.” Jun bowed and left that day for america. Jun arrived through Shan Fan and bought a horse and learned in a very unpleasant way how to ride. The philosopher and warrior, Jun now wanders the deserts of Texas while writing his Daoist treaty, “Open fist, strong heart: The Way in the weird west” Just yesterday, he arrived in the town of Rock Creek

Jun Hao-Feng

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