The Bible

An old, leather bound, family bible.


The Book appears to most to be a large family bible, not unlike those that are handed down from father to son. Many book like it are making their way west, travelling with their owners to new homes on the frontier.

This book, however, is more than it appears.

The first aspect of the book that one might find strange is it’s weight. It’s heavier that it looks like it ought to be. This weight seems to increase when something unpleasant is going on. The second is that it’s impossible, or damn near it, to hurt it. Fire, bullets, a dunk in the horse trough: The Book’s been through it all and never seems any worse for were.

It’s most disturbing feature, however, is what happens when you peak into the pages. The Book is a bible,all right, but reading it has an affect on ones mind. They begin to drift into a nightmare and see all the awfulness in the world around them, in particular the ones they love. They experience is physically and emotionally draining.


The Bible

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