Alvaro's Nightmare

Alvaro felt a burning sensation as the heat from the ghost rock fire flowed over his flesh. He moved slowly into the cavern and placed the breather over his face. Alvaro took to the front as he entered, Eli was right behind and the others were along side him or just behind as well. A soft groan was emitted as he felt the strange sensation of the fire flowing around him. Something about this device felt weird but his flesh and lungs were unharmed due to the professors genius.

“I think it is opening up ahead!” exclaimed Eli.

“I know! I can see the damn fire.” Alvaro grunted through the mask. He was displeased to be so close to the ghost rock fire. The screaming voices were hurting his ears and were becoming louder. “Anyone else hear that?” Alvaro mumbled as he grabbed his ears trying to block out the noise.

“Hear what Alvaro?” said the Professor. “The rate of sound has been steady since we entered the cave.”

Alvaro walked forward and dropped to his knees. He was screaming inside his head and yet nothing came out of his lips. His flesh shook and the book in Eli’s hands began to glow with an unearthly aura. Eli watched as it transfered to Alvaro and his eyes burned with an eerie crimson.

“All of you deserve to burn! You are all unworthy!” Alvaro cried out with those words his voice a mix of his own and something pure evil. He snarled and turned towards Jun, his closest ally and he stuck him, symbolic mostly, but it was only the beginning of the mayhem. A nearly unstoppable beast of a man suddenly and violently possessed by the very demon they were seeking to destroy. The manitou had tricked them and brought them to a place of strength. The ghost rock howled as the burning souls powered the creatures strength.

“One of you will betray me…” Eli muttered as he eyed the possessed flesh of Alvaro and the battle began.

Alvaro's Nightmare

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