Boom Town!

Amarillo is the classic old west boom town. A few years back it was nothing more than an Indian watering hole and a collection of tents and shacks along the playa lake. Now it’s a becoming it’s own bonifide town, with a hotel, court house, salloon, and more. They even have a Confederate garrison stationed a few miles away in Fort Elliot. It seems like every cowboy from Deadwood to Dallas drives his herd through Amarillo. On top of all that, Amarillo also sits between three of the most important rail lines this side of the Mason Dixie!

Emphasis On The “Boom”.

With Amarillo becoming such an important town for cow herders, and the texas panhandle becoming more and more “civilised”, it’s become quite the little jewel for the Rail Barons to fight over. And fight they have! Bayou Vermillion, Black River, and Dixie Rails have all put in bids to lay their track though the town. They’ve also sent their gangs to make sure their generous offers are being taken seriously.


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