Dodge City

Welcome To Dodge

Dodge City is the crossroads of the Weird West. Home to both northern and southern rail lines and access to the best cattle and trade trails north and south, Dodge sits to reap all the benefits the unlimited resources of the west have to offer. That is if the city doesn’t tear itself apart first.

Sitting in the Kansas territory, which is still hotly disputed by the Union and Confederates, Dodge City is far from the “Peacetown” originally envisioned by it’s founders. Even with skirmished erupting only miles outside of town Dodge has maintained some semblance of neutrality. This is in no small part due to the lawmen of Dodge.

The Law In Dodge

The Dodge lawmen are small in number, only a handful of full timers with a few volunteers scattered about town. Marshal Larry Derger runs the show answering directly to the town council. However, the real heart Dodge city Lawmen are William “Bat” Masterson and Wyatt Earp.

Dodge City has one law, above all others: No firearms within city limits.

Famous Folks

Dodge City

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