Walkin' Dead

Knowin’ The Unknown

These fellas should be enjoying a nice dirt nap somewhere but something, or someone, has got them up doing their dirty work. The Walkin’ Dead ain’t to pretty to look at and usually stink to high heaven. They ain’t all that bright but they seem to know what end of a rifle to point at someone when they pull the trigger. Worst of all they’re hard as hell to put down. Seems like they don’t know that a bullet to guts is supposed to hurt like hell.

Different Types o’ Varmints

  • The Hangin’ Dead – Their stretched out necks make it a bit hard to plug ’em where it hurts.
  • The Glowin’ Dead – These suckers glow due to their exposure to the toxic mineral “Hellstronium”.

Places Encountered:

Walkin' Dead

El Sendero Del Diablo DocEther