Knowin’ The Unknown

To most folk the Wendigo is just a legend, an Indian bogey man. But to anyone who’s traveled the Weird West it’s a good reason to keep to the trails well traveled.

The Wendigo is roughly man shaped, except that it’s mouth makes up most of it’s considerable bulk. It’s massive arms and terrible claws take up most of the rest. Wrap all that in snow white fur and throw in two glowing red eyes and you’ve got creature that’s sure to chill your blood before it spills it.

The Wendigo myth says that anyone who dines on human flesh can become the creature. This lends to fact that the things seem only to be found along worst trails in the rockies, where some men would rather perform unspeakable acts than die an honest death. Whether or not they share any relationship with Ghouls is unknown.

Places Encountered:

  • An abandoned trail in the Northern Rockies
  • Wendigo

    El Sendero Del Diablo DocEther